If, as an employer, you are interested in hosting a PERCÉ participant, please consider the following points:

Who can participate?

One of the main objectives is to ensure that the employer has experience in the participant’s field of study. The employer can be a private company, a non-profit organization, or a government department or agency, as long as they can offer the participant a rewarding experience. Federal agencies and departments cannot receive funding from the PERCÉ program.


PERCÉ offers employers a subsidy of $7/hour for a maximum of 450 hours. At the end of the work contract, employers must submit a salary reimbursement invoice to RDÉE IPÉ.


After providing job training to the PERCÉ participant, the employer must:

  • Give them the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in their field of study, just as one would offer a regular employee, so that the participant can find out whether this type of work is really for them.
  • Act as a mentor to the participant and answer any questions they may have.
  • Help them make contacts in the industry, so they can build a network of people working in their field of study.

How does a business apply to participate?

If you would like to submit your application as a potential employer, please complete the online registration form by March 31.


  • We cannot guarantee that you will receive a PERCÉ participant as our priority is to meet the needs of postsecondary students who are seeking a job placement.
  • If you know a postsecondary student studying in your field of work, you’ll have a greater chance of being accepted in the PERCÉ program. Please have the student apply as well.
  • If you are successfully matched with a postsecondary student, you will be asked to sign a three-way agreement with RDÉE ÎPÉ and the participant.