We are proud to launch the 20th edition of the PERCÉ program for the summer of 2023.

This program enables students enrolled in postsecondary institutions (university or college) to take part in paid internships for approximately 12 weeks with an employer in their field of study and interest.

We are presently recruiting students aged 30 years and younger who can ideally communicate in French and have an interest in returning to work in their communities in Prince Edward Island.

For more information on these internships, please visit the participants' page.

PERCÉ PEI is a program that allows postsecondary students from Prince Edward Island to discover the economic and cultural potential that their home region has to offer before starting their career.

A paid internship also offers a great opportunity for the participant to obtain a wealth of work-related experiences in his or her area of study, to get to know local employers and to create a professional network in their province of origin.


Deadline (for participants) : March 31st

PERCÉ PEI is a program that aims first of all to raise the awareness of postsecondary students about the rich economic and cultural opportunities offered to them by the various communities of Prince Edward Island. It shows today's youth that it is quite possible to live and pursue a career right here in Prince Edward Island. The program offers participants, during a paid work placement, the chance to obtain work experience in their field of studies, build a network of contacts and find potential jobs in their home province.

One of the program's objectives is to establish a long-term communication and promotion strategy in order to motivate young adults and help them better understand all the advantages that their community can offer them if they chose to return to the Island after their studies. The ultimate goal of this program is to counter the brain-drain of young people from Prince Edward Island.